Sunday, 23 October 2011

How to ask your employees to quit without telling them ?

  • 1 Give employees way too many projects at once. Every project should have a tight deadline, thereby forcing them to work many extra hours. Don't offer any overtime compensation or bonus for the extra work.

  • 2 Take sides when a dispute arises between employees. Or, reprimand one employee for doing something but don't reprimand another employee when they do the same thing. Such actions demonstrate favoritism and will undoubtedly make employees angry and resentful.

  • 3 Yell at employees in front of their coworkers. Treat them as though they're incompetent. On the flip side, never give employees any praise or recognition for a job well done.

  • 4 Ignore employees if they come to you with a problem or grievance. Act disinterested and tell them you'll handle the situation, then never address it again.

  • 5 Refuse to approve office supply purchases or computer equipment upgrades. Tell employees that, due to budgetary constraints, they are forced to make do with what they currently have.

  • 6 Tell employees that they won't have any opportunities for future training. Don't give anyone the chance to take on additional responsibilities or learn something new.

  • 7 Implement and enforce strict policies that don't allow employees any personal phone calls or computer use. Make employees use vacation or sick time anytime they leave the office, even if it's just to run a quick errand or go to a dentist appointment

  • 8 Ask your employee to do other task that is not in their job description .

  • 9 Make your own decision and do not ask your employees opinion either they are capable or not to doing other task.

  • 10 Pin point all problems arise in your department to your employees.

  • 11 Last but not least,if your employees not satisfied or have complaints,ask them to quit and find other job.

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